the fainting goat

The-fainting-goatNew restaurant alert!  The Fainting Goat, located at 1330 U St, NW, opened in December.  The concept for the tavern, which took over the old Urban Essentials space, was announced in January 2013.  While the building out of the space didn't take long, the liquor license was delayed by the ANC.  


The tavern is a good looking place with a rustic feel.  The menu is concise. I've been twice and I was pleased with the food.  Our service both times was excellent. My husband is completely obsessed with the pork fries, a pork terrine made out of head cheese which is shaped into fries and then finished in the fryer. This time, we ate the burger and a shrimp roll. On our first visit, we sampled the porchetta sandwich, romaine salad and the burrata.  I was impressed with their attention to detail: housemade mustard and ketchup for the burger. While everything wasn't a hit (I did not like my shrimp roll but that's me, not them), I'm excited there's another option on U St. Welcome to the 'hood!

all photos by me


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