The Joys of Home Ownership

This week has been unbelievably bad and it's only Wednesday.  I'm really busy at work (yea!) but my HVAC (heating and air conditioning unit) managed to spring a leak AND my washer broke.  Again.  Oh..did I mention it's 90 degrees in DC this week?  YEP.  I love my life.

I hate being hot.  Nothing makes me crankier than sweating uncontrollably.  We had our HVAC serviced two weeks ago.  I get it serviced twice a year like everyone recommends.   On Monday, my husband was washing clothes and noticed water pooling on the concrete around our HVAC.  Concerned, we tried to discover what happened.  The washer and the HVAC are side by side in a closet.  Was the washer leaking?  We pulled out the washer, checked the pipes and there were no leaks.  The obvious conclusion was the HVAC.  Incensed, I called the company we used to service the HVAC.  They sent someone immediately to figure out the problem.  They concluded our drainage tray had corroded and needed to be replaced.  No AC available for 7 to 10 days because the tray is a special part and it's going to cost around $900 to fix it.  Really. 

Shortly thereafter, the washer stopped draining.  We were anticipating the worst and were already pricing new stackable washer/dryers.  Thankfully, it was only a sock blocking the drainage pipe so it was a cheap repair.

Oh the joys of home ownership!


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  1. Just had the HVAC contractor out at our house today…I too HATE being hot! Luckily it was repairable & only cost a couple hundred $$ to get cool again! Woo-Hoo!

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