Tootin’ my own horn

Mon dieu! Two posts in one day? It is 11 degrees today. Brrrr.

I'm gearing up to head outside and I thought I'd direct you to a post on Urban Turf where my expertise was noted:
"Columbia Heights: DC's Best Destination for New Homeowners" was published this week and has an interesting take on the Columbia Heights neighborhood. I started my real estate career in Columbia Heights selling a single family home on Kenyon, 4 condos on 13th, and a single family home on 13th between V and Florida in 2005. I've got 2 condos for sale on Harvard St. as I post. I've watched the changes and it's amazing to see how neighborhoods develop but still retain their history. Check out the article and see what Mark Wellborn has to say.

Photo of my listings at 1222 Harvard St, NW.


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