tv consoles | which one do you like?

Tv-consolesThis week I'm on the hunt for a tv console for my brother's beach house.  He has a lot of wood in his place:  wood floors and a lofted wood ceiling.  He's still refusing to paint his ceilings white which I understand. (I really don't but he lives there, not me. I keep repeating this sentence hoping it will quiet my frustrated inner interior designer.) Which means he has to be careful not to overload his living room with too many pieces of wood furniture.  He recently built (I know!) a gorgeous mahogany dining room table. For the TV console, I think he should get something in a similar tone or mix it up with a white/wood console for contrast. My favorite is the first option, the Siena 3, but it's not cheap.  Either are the other two but they sure are pretty.  The console that Emily Henderson had built for Bri's living room (picture below) was my inspiration.  What do you think?

White and wood console

links to the consoles: siena 3, mid centery console, mid century dresser


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