Two Etsy shops that are killing it

victoriatelierI know some people find Etsy overwhelming but I love it.  I enjoy supporting small businesses, the variety of prices appeals to me and it’s not cookie cutter. Whenever I’m shopping for home goods, I check out Etsy first.

VictoriAtelier.  When I was redecorating my living room last year, I stumbled across the VictoriAtelier shop.  I purchased an original 23 x 23 oil painting for $165.  It’s gorgeous and every time I see it, I smile.  Her work is colorful and abstract (my favorite!). She lives in Spain so it took a couple of weeks to reach me and was in perfect shape when it arrived.

urban pillowUrban Pillow I enjoy a colorful throw pillow and it’s the accessory I change the most. Therefore, I don’t want spend $150 for a pillow. Urban Pillow has a wonderful selection that costs between $22-36.  It’s only the cover. You have to provide the insert yourself but those are easy to find too!




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