What in the sam hill??

On first glimpse, I'm confused.  Is it a house?  A boat?  Then I look a little closer and see it's a house.  This is when I love my job! 

This beauty hit the market today for $3,450,000.  It's the personal residence of Travis Price, a world renown architect.  At the time of writing, the virtual tour hasn't been posted to the MLS.  I bet it's going to be a doozy.  Unfortunately, this isn't going to be a house where the average yahoo can have a lookie loo.  It's appointment only.  Bring on the photos so we can live vicariously!

12/16-Holy cow the photos are finally up.  Boat from the front, 3 levels of glass on the back with a "living in the woods" feel.  Truly one of the most interesting houses I've ever seen.   WOW.

*photo courtesy of Matrix



  1. I wish one of my clients would take it!

  2. Whoa – what a house. Clearly not for children or the disabled. Whats with the buck knife on the ledge in the sleeping loft?! Haha. I hope they know the name of a good window cleaning company. Good find Jen. Let me know if one of your clients takes it.

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